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Hebei Huayi Cellulose Co., Ltd.
Hebei Huayi Cellulose Co, Ltd is located in Xinle Industrial Park, Hebei Province. It is ahigh-tech enterprise engaged in the production and sales of cellulose ethers, the companys existing 10000 tons/year of cellulose ethers. The implementation of ISO9001-2000 qualitcontrol, Advanced production equipment and technology, fine management practices,product quality and stability Is the north of the larger professional production of celluloseether business.
The companys "Huayi" brand of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, hydroxyethyl methylcellulose, widely used in medicine, construction, synthetic resin, oil exploration, and otherfields, is State Ministry of Construction is actively promoting the use of energy-savingenvironmental protection Innovative products.
Select "Huayi" is the beginning of our good cooperation, we will be quality productsexcellent service and good reputation in the service of the majority of users. high quality andefficiency, create a win-win is the companys development philosophy, we have always beenin good faith-based, adhere to the principle of common development, and strive to get toknow domestic and foreign partners, together to create good brand cellulose ether industryWe will be happy to serve you, work together to create a better tomorrow.

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Hebei Huayi Cellulose Co., Ltd.

Address: Xinle Industrial Park, Hebei Province
Tel: 0086-311-88519316 
Fax: 0086-311-88519318

Phone: 0086-13932185008

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